T-Shirt Quilts

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Have you been saving T-Shirts and other clothing items from school, sports, events and travel?  We have a team of experienced creative quilters ready to assist you in making a quilt that will last a lifetime.  

We can creatively make any size quilt using any number of items.  We use your treasured clothing items and turn them into a one of a kind T-shirt quilt that you will truly enjoy.  Using the screen printed portions and other decorative parts of your items we sew them together in the design layout you select.

Our 5 design options and use of stabilizer on the back of each item, sets us apart from all other T- Shirt quilt company’s online and locally.

Why Us?   We are the absolute best!

*Premium Quality vs. other cheaper, quick online and local services

*We use a stabilizer on the back of each item for more durability and longevity

*All over quilting vs. tacking

*100% cotton materials

*5 design options

*One on one customization

Call us today to set up an appointment to drop off your clothing or we can pick them up from you.  If you are out of town mail them in with the order form and a deposit.

We take great care in handling your items, a guarantee longevity and premium quality.