Preparing your Memory Quilt

Saved clothing

We always get emails with questions on how to prepare your clothing for a Memory Quilt. I have listed some key instructions below help you get started.

Wash and Dry the Shirts and clothing items

Do Not cut items.

Depending on which style you choose, we will cut your t shirts in different sizes.  If you cut the items we may not be able to fit them into you quilt.  If you have cut your shirts your only option would be the Free Form design which allows us to fill in spaces with fabric.

Label Shirts

If you have a lot of t shirts and you don’t want to use both the front and back of a shirt,  you can label buy cipro online which side to use. Use pieces of masking tape to label the side or portion of item you want to be added in your quilt

Special Instructions

Things to include in special instructions at the bottom of the order form are date you request for delivery special label.

If you are out of town and you want to mail in your shirts, simply print off the order form and mail it in with your shirts and a 20% deposit.  Once your quilt is completed we will email you a picture along with an invoice to pay the remaining balance. Once payment is received with will ship your quilt out the next day. 

Email us if you have any additional questions.