Christmas T-Shirt Quilts


Christmas is only 74 days away.  Now is the time to gather up your T-shirt and make an appointment to drop them off, or arrange for us to pick them up.  We can guarantee Christmas delivery until mid – November and then it depends on our workload.

Memory Quilts are the perfect gift to give that special someone on your list.  They are so meaningful and sure to bring back special memories. Imagine having years of event and memories on a single quilt, that will be treasured for many years to come.  For some people it’s an heirloom that will be passed down to children and grandchildren. For others it will be a blanket that they use on the sofa or hang on the wall.

This is our busiest time of year behind graduation and our October appointments are in full swing.  We have been busy prepping quilts for the quilter and the sooner we get your quilt on the list the better.

Call me today to make an appointment.  704-224-0172



Outdoor Cushion Recovering


High Angle View of Upscale Patio Set, Dark Wicker Luxury Furniture with Comfortable Cushions on Outdoor Stone Patio of Affluent Home

Outdoor Cushions

As the summer months arrive you will be spending more time enjoying your outdoor seating areas.  After many years of being in the sun it’s time to replace the covers. For most clients the foam is able to be reused, but the covers need updating.  Shop for outdoor fabrics online or locally. When you are ready to proceed you supply us with one cover for the seat and the back. We use your fabric and the existing cover as a pattern to remake your covers.

New covers are well worth the investment, because it’s something you will enjoy for many years to come.  Find the perfect fabric, and we will make the perfect covers.

The project takes about 3- weeks, and may be done earlier for a rush fee.

Call today – 704-224-0172

Christmas T-Shirt Quilts

8 Weeks away from Christmas!?

One of the most heartfelt gifts you can give is a custom T-Shirt Quilt.  If you are like other loving mothers’, you have been saving your child’s clothing since they were small.  The items have so much sentimental value and parents can not bare to part with them.

Do you have a bag or box of precious clothing sitting in the attic? Now is the time to pull them out and bring them to us.  In about 2-4 weeks we will turn those memories into a quilt that will be treasured for a lifetime.

A T-Shirt quilt provides the perfect blanket for warmth, it’s great to share with friends, and can spark so much emotions as you look at all the special events that have occurred.

Pinterest Example

I have looked around at the completion, but we are truly the best buy imitrex provider.  Many quilts I have scene online and from clients lack quality.  They are thin and flimsy and not made to be durable.

We create a premium quality quilt because we take a few extra steps that guarantee your quilt will withstand the test of time.

  • We put a stabilizer on the back of all T-shirts to provide more stability and thickness.
  • We do all over quilting as opposes to just tacking the quilt with a few tiny stitches.
  •  With 5 design options you are sure to create the perfect size and layout suitable to your tastes.

Basically we create a premium quality product as opposes to other mail- order services.

Call today to schedule a drop off day and time.  Order before November 30th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.






Reusing Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Many of today’s Patio furniture manufactures make your cushions with open cell foam that  is made to last much longer than foam you buy in the store.  The foam is UV resistant and allows water and air to flow through easily.  Some have antibacterial agents which prevent mold and mildew.

When you are ready to redo your cushions it may not be necessary to replace buy bactrim online your foam.  In that case you just supply the fabric and one of each cushions you want to recover and we can get measurements or use the existing cushion as a pattern.

If you want to replace your foam we can purchase new foam suitable for outdoor furniture.

Call us with any questions about your project. We look forward to helping you update your space for summer.




Free Form T-shirt Quilt

The Free Form t shirt quilt design option is the most popular style this year.  With this option we frame each square block with a 1″ strip of sashing and then we add 2″ border between each block.  We use solid fabrics for the sashing, but some clients like to shop for their own printed sashing fabric.  Call for fabric requirements and see the post on local fabric stores for sources materials.   The bright orange and white printed fabric adds a bit of extra happiness to this quilt.

T Shirt Quilts are an excellent Graduation gift for your high school or college senior. Each year we get more and more buy topamax online parents bringing in their child’s clothing to have a custom        t shirt quilt made.  Each item of clothing has special meaning and can be preserved for many years to come when made Into a warm and decorative quilt.   Each time your child uses or sees the quilt, they are sure to smile as the beautiful memories flash in their mind.  We offer several design options and with graduation coming now is the time to order your quilt. Order by May 10th for Graduation delivery.

We love referrals, so tell your friends and ask us about group discounts.


Window Valance

A double window isolated on white (clipping path for outside of window and window panes)


A Window Valance, sometimes called a window top treatment is hung at the upper most portion of a window.    There are countless design options and valances work well when paired with blinds or curtains.  Valances and swags are a simple and easy way to add a finishing touch to any room.

I recommend you look online, magazines and Home Décor books for inspiration on the look and feel you want to create.  Once you have selected your valance, it’s time to measure the window and the length you want the valance to hang.  Valances generic augmentin require various fabric weights and I would ask the fabric store associate for assistance and recommendations based on your design.  You can email me a picture of your valance to assist in fabric yardage requirements and fabric weight recommendations.   Read my blog on local fabric stores for local resources.  Valances require a small amount of fabric and provide a tremendous decorative effect to your home. Contact me for cost estimates and current turnaround times.


Google some of these styles for inspiration.

Valance options

Balloon valance

Swag valance

Ascot valance

Italian valance

Box pleat





Graduation T-Shirt Quilts

Graduation Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

One of the most heartfelt and memorable gifts you can give to your graduate is a T-shirt Quilt or  Memory Quilt.

Many Moms can not bare to part with their child’s clothing items worn as an infant through High school. Those special items worn for special events, for sports teams or schools attended. If you are one of those parents we can help you turn those items and turn them into the perfect gift to give for graduation.  What better way to use all of those memories that you have been saving and put them into a keepsake that your child will come to love long after the special day.

Celebration Education Graduation Student Success Learning Concept

We use the screen printed parts of the clothing item and sew them together in a quilt that your child and their children will treasure forever.  The memories that come back to your child’s mind every time they see it and use it is priceless.  Every time I look at my quilt it brings buy isotretinoin online back a smile to me from all those moments that will be forever imprinted in my mind.

We promise to handle your items with care with the knowledge that you as our client hold these items dear to them.

We offer:                                                                                                                   *premium quality craftsmanship and materials
*stabilizer on the back of each shirt
*5 design options
*free shipping
*locally made
*socially responsible company donating to creative children’s organizations

Memory quilts are durable, utilitarian, and will hold special memories from your child’s youth for many years to come.

Call today to make an appointment to drop off your items before graduation.  Please allow at least 3 – 4 weeks for delivery, and rush orders are available for a charge.  All orders placed before the end of April are guaranteed delivery by June 1st.

Measuring Fabric Yardage for Seat Cushions

Vintage wooden swing in the garden against blue wall – rendering

Ready to Recover your outdoor seating cushions?

Everyone wants to spend time relaxing, dining, and enjoying time outdoors during the warmer months.  Let us help you create a clean, neat, comfortable seating area to make it enjoyable experience.  Our local team of professional seamstresses can create the perfect custom outdoor cushions for your patio, deck, or outdoor garden.

You will get professional quality custom cushions to match the exact specifications of your furniture. You buy your fabric and measurements to us. This allows you to pick the exact color or design of printed fabric that best compliments your space.  In a previous blog I offer a great list of local Fabric Stores and the options are endless for online manufactures.

Comfortable outdoor furniture sofa on patio buy cheap medications surrounded by green garden plants

For a fee, we can shop for fabrics both locally and online and bring fabric samples to you. We will source your fabric, measure furniture, source the foam in your desired thickness and professionally sew your custom cushions.  Please allow 3 weeks for this option.

When estimating yardage I recommend a website that you can consult for assistance and possibly purchase your fabric.

Sailrite offers a super easy to use calculator for calculating fabric yardage needed to complete your cushions. Add an extra 1/2 yard to for welting around the edge.  They offer many options for the style and shapes of cushion styles.

If you are unsure feel free to email me your dimensions and I will reply with yardage needed.

When you have gathered your fabric and measurements contact us for an appointment.




Preparing your Memory Quilt

Saved clothing

We always get emails with questions on how to prepare your clothing for a Memory Quilt. I have listed some key instructions below help you get started.

Wash and Dry the Shirts and clothing items

Do Not cut items.

Depending on which style you choose, we will cut your t shirts in different sizes.  If you cut the items we may not be able to fit them into you quilt.  If you have cut your shirts your only option would be the Free Form design which allows us to fill in spaces with fabric.

Label Shirts

If you have a lot of t shirts and you don’t want to use both the front and back of a shirt,  you can label buy cipro online which side to use. Use pieces of masking tape to label the side or portion of item you want to be added in your quilt

Special Instructions

Things to include in special instructions at the bottom of the order form are date you request for delivery special label.

If you are out of town and you want to mail in your shirts, simply print off the order form and mail it in with your shirts and a 20% deposit.  Once your quilt is completed we will email you a picture along with an invoice to pay the remaining balance. Once payment is received with will ship your quilt out the next day. 

Email us if you have any additional questions.




Shopping for Fabric

Fabric Sources

You have decided to go with custom sewn items for your Home Decor project and now you are ready to purchase fabric.  There are an endless supply of great fabric stores online providing many designer and specialty manufactured fabrics.  You can order swatches and get help on fabric yardages needed to complete your project.

Local Fabric Stores

Ordering online is fast and upholstery for many purchases.  Some of you may want to feel and see your fabric in person before making your purchase.  I recommend a few fabric stores in the local Charlotte area.

Modern Fabrics

4450 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28209

This fabric store gem cares fabrics reclaimed from the finest furniture companies.  They are a great source for high quality textiles used in making window treatments, pillows and upholstery


Mary Jo’s Fabrics

401 Cox Road, Gastonia, NC 28054

Mary Jo’s has over 32,000 square feet of space filled with many types of fabric, trims and supplies.  In the back of the store they have a huge selection of home buy amoxicillin decor fabrics for both curtains, pillows and upholstery.



Jo Ann’s Fabric

9523 South Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273

Jo Ann’s is a big fabric and crafts supply store.  In the back they a selection of fabrics for home decor and also a selection of trims as well as special order fabrics.  One of the benefits of Jo Ann’s is they offer coupons and have sales so if you are working with a budget I would say shop there first.


Fabric shopping is fun and it’s the best way to get a fabric you will enjoy for many years to come.  My clients all agree that custom sewing is the best way to go in creating your one of a kind space.  Pick the perfect print to match your paint color, or pillows to match your sofa or rug.  Pull your home decorating project together buy purchasing your favorite fabric and then make an appointment to meet with us about your project.