Window Treatments

Custom Window Treatments

Do you need custom window treatments to match the height and width of your unique windows?  Many homes today have windows that vary in size and design.  Many window treatments found online don’t fit your widow, and many times it is hard to find the exact fabric design to fit your tastes.  Custom window treats are sure to give you years of enjoyment because you are getting exactly what you want for your Home Decor project in any given room.

The Process

You pick and purchase your desired fabric. The next step is to pick the header or design of your window treatment.  You may go with a basic design or find a picture online or in a magazine for the look you desire.  There are local sources as well a and endless assortment of online sources to purchase your fabric.  Once you have the fabric, make an appointment to drop off your fabric or have us pick it up.  Once we have your fabric we will sew your window treatments based on the design you have selected using your measurements.

We have a team of expert professional seamstress who possess master craftsmanship in sewing your window treatments to your exact specifications.  Our rates average $200.00 per pair and this price includes lining and other materials.

Once you have the proper measurements, we can sew your panels in about 2 weeks.