Drapes and Curtains

Window Treatments have a powerful impact when decorating any room in your home.  Proper Window Treatments can be a beautiful focal point when you select the fabric, design and all of the specifications.

A home’s architecture, floor plan, proximity to the street, outside landscaping, and view can all be configured into the style you select.

Bedrooms may benefit from blackout lining which keep the room dark when sleeping in or keep out light from street lamps and exterior lighting.

Dining rooms and family rooms benefit from lighter fabrics where you want the room to be bright and airy or frame a beautiful outside view.

With our sewing services, you select the fabric, weight, color or print, length, width, design and hardware.  With our professional sewing skills we can help you create the perfect drapes that can make your room a showcase for many years to come.

With the help of websites like Pinterest or magazines like Architectural Digest you can get inspiration for drapes that you may want to duplicate.  With our help you can have professional window treatments at a fraction of the price.

The Process

You pick and purchase your desired fabric. The next step is to pick the header or design of your window treatment.  There are local sources as well as an endless assortment of online sources to purchase your fabric.  Once you have the fabric, make an appointment to drop it off.  Once we have your fabric we will sew your window treatments based on the design you have selected using your measurements you provide.

Basic pricing is:
Rod Pocket Panels are $250 per pair
Pinch Pleats Panels are $300 per pair.
Discounts on multiple pairs.
Additional Cost for double width panels.