Christmas T-Shirt Quilts

8 Weeks away from Christmas!?

One of the most heartfelt gifts you can give is a custom T-Shirt Quilt.  If you are like other loving mothers’, you have been saving your child’s clothing since they were small.  The items have so much sentimental value and parents can not bare to part with them.

Do you have a bag or box of precious clothing sitting in the attic? Now is the time to pull them out and bring them to us.  In about 2-4 weeks we will turn those memories into a quilt that will be treasured for a lifetime.

A T-Shirt quilt provides the perfect blanket for warmth, it’s great to share with friends, and can spark so much emotions as you look at all the special events that have occurred.

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I have looked around at the completion, but we are truly the best buy imitrex provider.  Many quilts I have scene online and from clients lack quality.  They are thin and flimsy and not made to be durable.

We create a premium quality quilt because we take a few extra steps that guarantee your quilt will withstand the test of time.

  • We put a stabilizer on the back of all T-shirts to provide more stability and thickness.
  • We do all over quilting as opposes to just tacking the quilt with a few tiny stitches.
  •  With 5 design options you are sure to create the perfect size and layout suitable to your tastes.

Basically we create a premium quality product as opposes to other mail- order services.

Call today to schedule a drop off day and time.  Order before November 30th for guaranteed Christmas delivery.