Outdoor Cushion Recovering


High Angle View of Upscale Patio Set, Dark Wicker Luxury Furniture with Comfortable Cushions on Outdoor Stone Patio of Affluent Home

Outdoor Cushions

As the summer months arrive you will be spending more time enjoying your outdoor seating areas.  After many years of being in the sun it’s time to replace the covers. For most clients the foam is able to be reused, but the covers need updating.  Shop for outdoor fabrics online or locally. When you are ready to proceed you supply us with one cover for the seat and the back. We use your fabric and the existing cover as a pattern to remake your covers.

New covers are well worth the investment, because it’s something you will enjoy for many years to come.  Find the perfect fabric, and we will make the perfect covers.

The project takes about 3- weeks, and may be done earlier for a rush fee.

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